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About Us

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I was reluctant to go into this Christmas gift store, because I've been burned by so many of them before.  Speaking of burned, it was a scorching 105 degrees on the day of my visit, so how in the world could The Christmas Shop inspire me anyway?  This, however, is the finest year-round holiday gift shop I've ever been in.  Its success starts with keeping the two floors cool and dark.  With the glaring natural sunlight blocked out and Christmas lights gleaming on the walls and on themed trees, I felt as if I were a guest in someone's home on an early December evening.  That reminds me- I didn't feel crowded out by too many trees.  There were only a couple on each floor.  To efficiently display the abundance of ornaments while allowing plenty to be displayed.  As cinnamon-scented candles burned, a woman sat behind the counter off to the side and greeted me warmly.  I continued to feel relaxed and at home.  Another great thing about this store was the way much of the product is arranged in special sections and nooks.  One area of the first floor, set apart by a cozy entrance, housed only nativities gallery-style, but without the glass.  Upstairs, a corner was reserved for stocking stuffers (much of the product under -$10 impulse items), and a separate room housed a darkened gallery for Christmas lights.  So not only did this store give me a good Christmas feeling, all of the product was well organized, which made shopping very easy.  Months away from Christmas, I was compelled to buy a few Southwestern-themed ornaments---my classy keepsakes.

--Giftware Business